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the time has come to go on maternity leave! eeeeeek! :) i can’t believe this babe is almost done cooking and we will soon be meeting him! just finishing up a few sessions & orders, and then i’m out until mid-september! :) check out my instagram, facebook, and of course this blog for updates!

i will still be booking sessions and weddings for fall 2015 & winter 2016 during my leave by email. so, if you are looking to schedule a portrait session for after september or a wedding for after november, feel free to send me a message and we can get you on the calendar! :)

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in addition to shooting + processing 35mm film, i was able to play around with a medium format pentax for about a hour on the last day of field trip! :) since then i’ve been stalking ebay, dreaming of when i’ll get my hands on another one! film processing + scans compliments of indie film lab!

pentax 645 film

far west texas deer, davis mountains, fort davis

a few instagrams + other iphone pictures from the long magical muddy weekend known as #yeahfieldtrip! a creative summit/retreat/workshop/gathering in the gorgeous setting of el capitan canyon. yall know i’m a terrible writer so i’ll keep it short and just say that i met SO many talented + lovely people and heard so many beautiful stories, it really was an amazing + wonderful life changing experience!

counting down the days until field trip 2015. :)


i used to blog post each month’s instagrams but that became lot harder when i started IGing more a few months ago! lol. if you want to see more you can find me @lululopez or :)